Thursday 8 December 2011

#topoliday in pictures

So a bunch of people came out yesterday for #topoliday, the city council gift exchange (see details in this post). Thanks to everyone who came out and all the thoughtful gifts people put time into. Here's an overview in pictures:
(@neville_park's photo) Some of the presents under the traditional #topoliday poinsetta. Exciting!

Mark and Erin, participating as a couple,  received Local Motion from @elcostello. It's a nice coincidence, because I think Mark has had his eye on the book for a while. Other books received for the book learnin' crowd included Animal Farm (trough feeders!), Crap at my Parents' House (waste!) and Napier's Bones (with math!) 
There was also lots of great creativity. @chaicube provided this framed sketch of his worship, complete with fridge magnet and business card for those pesky emergencies. 
Apparently #topolidayers recognize the need to wean off teatsucking, and thus provided each other with drinking implements. The one above (or one like it) was a nice 'stay the course' reference, while a slick looking CBC rainbow mug and thermos were also given. You know what goes along well with those mugs? Tim Horton's shirts, which were also gifted.
#topoliday was open invitation, so anyone could participate. Shelley Carroll joined us and baked these cookies for a lucky recipient. 
Don't know who Shelley Carroll is? Then you might find my humble contribution educational. If you liked the childhood game Guess Who and you like city council, then it's for you. (It will be available for play during today's deputations in Committee Room 2).

@elcostello looks slightly bewildered at receiving a children's board game. Photo by Hamutal Dotan/Torontoist 
Like the deputations for the day, the #topoliday gift exchange skewed to the left. So @neville_park thoughtfully gave this handmade "Lefty Pinko Toolkit", complete with union wages grabbed from taxpayers and a handcrafted Toronto Star notebook. Also, she has very nice writing. Photo by Goldsbie

Included in the Pinko Toolkit were those socialist Spacing buttons. They were a popular gift, with three different people receiving some, including Shelley Carroll who says her husband has been wanting them for a while. In other news, I hear Matt Blackett will  buy a hummer tomorrow. 
Of course, all of this #topoliday nonsense was made possible through Twitter, so it makes sense to have a Twitter-related gift.  @pcalith gave @lindsaysjunk winter gloves (different than shown) with conductive thread sewn into them. The special thread means that gloves will not have to be taken off when checking Twitter out in the cold. First world problem: solved. 
Also given: Toronto themed prints, candy and one or two things I'm forgetting.

In sum, people can be thoughtful, generous and awesome. Having those same people watching City Hall is pretty heartening, as they are qualities that make it a better place for everyone. 

Thanks to all who participated: @ivanvector, @madhattressto, @lindsaysjunk, @elcostello, @paisleyrae, @pcalith, @lifeonqueen, @electricland, @chaicube, @ddemchuk, @shelleycarroll, @davisvillehabit, @eldolmago, @shelleycarroll, @simonm223, @cityslikr, @leahbobet, @b_eaton and a special thanks to @neville_park, whose enthusiasm helped make this happen. If I'm forgetting anyone, my apologies. 

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