Monday, 12 December 2011

Port Lands Consultation: Storify

Remember way back when, three months ago, when the city was caught up in its absurdist Port Lands drama? Yeah, crazy times. 

Part of the consensus agreement was to hold public consultations on the plan for the Port Lands, with special attention to 'accelerating' it. This will result in a report in June, and tonight was the first meeting. 

What continues to amaze is the depth of public understanding and enthusiasm for this issue. I'll let the Storify below tell the rest (may take 15 seconds to load):

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  1. The amazing thing that came out of these discussions was that "It has all been said many many times before at all the previous meetings on the Port Lands and other developments along the waterfront". Those politicians who do not understand, or who have not been engaged in the process to date, MUST first educate themselves about what has happened before they shoot their mouths off with stupid crazy ideas.