Friday, 2 December 2011

The #topoliday gift exchange

For all those fears that Rob Ford would be bad for Toronto's culture, he has certainly strengthened City Hall's culture and engagement. As Goldsbie tweeted recently, as recently as a year ago or so it would be just him and one other person watching Council. 

But now it's not, as anyone following the #topoli hashtag on Twitter can see. While this online exchange is nice, so too is an in-person one. And so I am putting the idea out there to have a #topoliday gift exchange at 6:30 the evening of December 7 when the budget committee will be hearing deputations. 

Essentially, bring a gift and get a gift and meet all of your favourite #topoli watchers in one place. Budget time is a stressful time of year, so kick back and be merry, if only for a little while. 

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you bring a gift you'll get a gift. There will be no assignments in advance, just putting all the gifts in a pile and people can choose the one they want one by one. 
  • Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate, such as Twitter commentators, media, coucillors/staffers and assorted characters. This includes Sattva, Sue-Ann Levy, Giorgio and City Raccoon. 
  • All gifts must have their total cost under $15. An arbitrary number? Yes. But hey, it's the budget meeting. 
  • #topoli themed gifts are encouraged. If you would like to give a tin of cookies decorated like Denzil Minnan-Wong, then go for it. 
  • UPDATE: We'll meet in committee room 2. Be there.  
  • The more people you recruit for this the better. That friend of yours who thinks politics can't be fun and interesting? Yeah, bring him or her. 
See you on December 7. 

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