Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blues Brothers vs. Ghostbusters vs. Rob Ford

A week ago Rob Ford went out to support a fundraiser for a great cause, Famous People Player's that had Canada's second favourite Ghostbuster and Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd hosting. It was another odd Ford pairing and sparked a brief conversation on Twitter about whether the administration was more like Blues Brothers or Ghostbusters (or My Girl, but not really). 

Since this important question has been bugging me since I've tried to solve it scientifically*. With a table and jazz. 
*May not be scientific

I've judged how well the Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters match up to the reality and wishes of the Fords based on arbitrary categories. Place your bets now!

And winning 5-4 is Ghostbusters! Congratulations Ivan Reitman, your vision of Toronto doesn't stop at the Bell Lightbox building!

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