Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Quotes of the Day: Norm Kelly and Doug Holyday on Occupy Toronto

Courts make governing in a democratic society quite a challenge
-Norm Kelly in the Toronto Sun, discussing the court's injunction on evicting Occupy Toronto from St. James Park (H/T NOW's Ben Spurr). 

A Trudeau era Liberal MP, perhaps Kelly was wanting to get his war measures act side out. As a Governor-General award winning historian (for research on Pierre Berton's National Dream), he should probably know how the three branches of government work. 

In the same Sun article, Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday comments on the unfair impact the injunction might have on the Santa Claus Day Parade, worrying that it will spoil the day. It's worth remembering that he voted to eliminate the Christmas Bureau (H/T Cityslikr). 

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